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Drip Kettle Air - Hario V60

Drip Kettle Air - Hario V60

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Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions

- Precise - AIR is not a water heating device - it should not be used with direct heat sources. It can be used only as a pouring device, for water that has been heated up in a proper kettle. The profiled spout allows you to control the water stream, which is useful in pour-over coffee brewing methods.

- Equipped with a scale - Transparent walls and markings up to 350 ml with 50 ml increment allow you to brew coffee without using a scale - just pour in as much water as you want to brew. It is a perfect solution for people who treat proportions as a conventional factor and do not want to buy additional equipment.

- Durable - The jug is made of food-safe PCT resin. The plastic s more resistant than glass, and is also lightweight for transportation. The jug is made in Japan.
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