The Coffee Plant


We have started a little blog in order to let people know exactly where their coffee comes from, and the journey it makes to get in your cup!

Traceability is becoming increasingly highlighted in this industry, and so it should be. Read on to learn more about your cup of Joe!

Many coffee drinkers are not aware of where their morning cup of coffee actually comes from. This is a little series which goes all the way back to the very first stage, the coffee plant.

The process starts with a seed being planted in a nursery in one of the coffee producing countries, usually close to the equator. This raises their seedlings before planting them on the farm for production.

The beans are planted in a rich soil before germinating. Following this, the bean will be lifted out of the ground by the developing shoot. Growing coffee requires huge investment and a lot of time. Typically a coffee producer will wait three years for a planted tree to fruit properly.

Coffee plants depend on a period of rainfall during their cycle. This allows the trees to bloom and produce flowers. These flowers will always yield fruit. Nine months later, the fruits should be ready to harvest. This completes the first stage.

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